Nicole Vecchi

Food is community. Whatever our differences, we all know the joy of sharing our table with family, friends and neighbors—that joy is the power of community.  And when we have community, we are stakeholders and empowered.
All of us are pulled in many directions, and satisfying our obligations and responsibilities while trying to be thoughtful and remain present is not always easy.  As a working professional and single parent of two boys, much of my community involvement was focused on youth activities.  Now, with both boys in college, I have the time and am ready to engage with our larger community. It’s a great time for me and I'm ready to dig in. 
My life experience lead me in many directions professionally, geographically and personally;  I am a strategic, analytical thinker and creative problem-solver. My skills are solid, transferable skills and I understand the dynamics of working in groups and collaborative decision-making.  I am confident that I can make significant contributions with my expertise in professional communications, experience design, data analysis and project management. 
This Co-op, our local market, is an important support for my family as it is for many of you in the Upper Valley. I want to make sure that the Co-op stays strong, viable and vital—enhancing the walkability of our communities, supporting the independence of those who are car-free, connecting local producers to you and me, and celebrating healthy choices.
I ask for your vote and look forward to turning my love affair with the Co-op into a more committed relationship. 
Co-op member since 2010; currently Norwich Lions Club (director), Friends of Track (president), Vermont Old Cemetery Association (board member), Leadership Upper Valley 2012 (alumni)

Candidate Questions

Why are you applying for a position on our Co-op’s Board of Directors and what is important to you about serving now? It’s the right time for me. As a working professional and single parent of two sons, I haven’t had a lot of time. What little time I did have for community service was focused on youth activities. With both boys in college now, I have the bandwidth and am ready to serve my community in a broader capacity. The Co-op board position would have the added bonus of expanding my knowledge and allowing me work with other community-minded, business-focused individuals.  I look forward to being a productive member of the Board and representing the Co-op membership.
How do you stay active within your community? I am active in various communities... personally and professionally. I am member of the Norwich Lions Club (director) and continue to serve on the youth-focused Friends of Track board (president). As a graduate of Vital Communities' 2012 Leadership Upper Valley, I participate in planning alumni activities and act as class representative.  For many years I was a member of Friends of Hanover Football with significant fundraising responsibilities through concessions. In Vermont, I am a board member of the Vermont Old Cemetery Association which encourages the restoration and preservation of neglected and abandoned cemeteries in the State of Vermont. With my employer: I routinely volunteer for activities outside of my immediate, professional duties. Usually these are aimed at community building. Most recently I volunteered to be an auditor for ISO9001 (an international quality certification) which allows me to meet and work with people in parts of the organization with whom I won’t usually interact.
What experience do you have working in a group setting where differing or opposing viewpoints are often expressed? Opposing views and differing opinions are all around us.  Every day we engage with others who challenge us and yet we still have to work together to fulfill some mission...  I have a broad and international professional background; I am accustomed to working in highly dynamic environments with shifting priorities, colorful personalities and differing cultural backgrounds. For many years while I lived abroad, my communications specialty was cultural sensitivity. I have worked in high tech my entire career and have learned to navigate difficult situations and negotiate with differing viewpoints. When we have something in common and are passionate about it, many of our differences fall away. When we respect each other despite our differences, we can celebrate the diversity of our community. 


 Nourish. Cultivate. Cooperate.

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