Natascha Niffka

Access to fresh produce and cooking inspiration is something I used to take for granted. Now, as a mother to a son with Celiac’s and business owner who has established herself in the community since 2001, I see the value of the Co-op in a new light. Pure ingredients and trust in labeling are main reasons for choosing the Co-op.
Being a business owner in both VT & NH, I feel I can add a fresh perspective to the vision of the Co-op continuing to promote healthy, clean and local choices that must be met with both social/environmental responsibility backed by pragmatic analysis.
As a new board member, I will get up to speed quickly, be transparent in my approach, work diplomatically and uphold the vision and code the Co-op has adopted and prides itself with.
I thank you for your consideration and look forward to this endeavor.

Candidate Questions

What experience do you have in business or organizational governance? My degree is in engineering. My professional background includes being a Financial Consultant, Commodities Specialist and business owner (in retail and Manufacturing). I came to take over my current company, General Abrasives, Inc. in 2001. We are a confidential satellite company for OEM's that converts flat-coated abrasive products. Basically, we take large jumbo rolls of sandpaper, slit them down to size, coat it, cut it to final product and ship it back to the distribution warehouses of our customers. I bought my retail company in 2008. I have tremendous experience in sales. I am proficient at big picture ideas and detail steps of execution. 
What is your vision for our Co-op? I shop almost exclusively at the Co-op. I have great respect for the choices the company makes in what it stocks for our community. To continue to promote healthy, clean and local choices is an evolution that must be met with both social/environmental responsibility (vision) backed by pragmatic analysis. Continuing to make it easy to shop and give and do business with the Co-op will make people come back, as 'footsteps through the door' is always a fresh opportunity. The friendly staff is a key ingredient. 
What other experience, skills, or knowledge do you feel will allow you to contribute to the Board's success if elected? I feel my diverse background can offer a fresh perspective with other board members. I have lived in PA, several towns in CT, UT, northern and southern CA, VT, NH, Brazil, Germany and four months in Kazakhstan while adopting my boy. My professional experience is also a mixed bag that gives me additional skills interpreting pro forma's in many industries with big picture thinking and varying execution strategies. I have a natural pragmatic approach with a strong desire to serve my community. Mostly, I have an intense desire to learn which brings a certain fun & passion to most anything I do. 


 Nourish. Cultivate. Cooperate.

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