Elizabeth Blum

I was elected to the Co-op Board in April last year. The Board had been contentious and unproductive. Now it is operating as a team. I believe I have helped the Board run more smoothly. I have also worked hard on all Board committees on which I serve.

Now I ask your vote for a three-year term.
I believe strongly in Co-op principles. I have shopped at the Co-op since 1969 and have been a member since 1987.
Together with our new Co-op General Manager, CFO and COO, I support our campaign to engage members and employees and offer new opportunities for members to contribute and become involved. I want to make it easier for members to contribute their ideas to improve the Co-op.
Our Co-op supports the local agricultural community and is a vital part of our bioregion. I would like the Co-op to increase its supply of local products and from more farmers. The Co-op  can create greater sustainability for farmers in our region and, at the same time, help sustain the environment.
The Co-op should do more to help underserved communities in our area. We should increase our engagement with people who live with food insecurity.  We should demonstrate how ‘cheap food’ actually costs more. I propose that the Co-op offer special discount days for people who use food stamps.
Another goal of mine is to make the Co-op the best employer in the Upper Valley. We are still an at-will employer. While this is allowed by state law, we are not obliged to comply. I support a Co-op policy that provides for a fair grievance hearing for employees.
This is an important moment for our Co-op. We can provide even better services to our entire community. I ask for your vote and look forward to continue serving you.

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