The Results Are In!
The 2016 Co-op board election is now closed. The total number of ballots were 1,289 online and 1,078 on paper. Congratulations to our new board members and thanks to all for a great election! The final tally is below, listed in order:
Kevin Birdsey: 1,389
Dana Cook Grossman: 1,289
William Craig: 1,195
Edwin Howes: 1,138
Liz Blum: 1,090 
Don Kreis: 1053
Ann MacDonald: 980
Benoit Roisin: 980
Phil Pochoda: 894
Sean Clauson: 621
Got a question or comment? As always, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us at: or call (603) 643-2667.

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