The Results Are In!

Members, thank you for voting in the 2020 Co-op Board of Directors election! The voting period is now closed. 1,189 members cast their votes this year, with 208 voting by paper ballot and 981 voting online. We had a wonderful slate of candidates-smart, forward-thinking, each dedicated to serving the Co-op and its membership. Four candidates were elected to the Co-op Board of Directors.

Below are the complete results:
  • Marta Ceroni, 901
  • Peggy O'Neil, 770
  • Nick Clark, 723
  • Manish Kumar, 638
  • Shelbi Fitzpatrick, 634
  • Yolanda Huerta 504
This year the Board also asked Co-op members to vote for a special proposal-a plan to secure the financing needed to make a variety of critical upgrades at the Co-op over the next several years. The membership voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal, with the plan passing by more than 93 percent of the vote. We love you, members!

Thanks again to all of our voters and candidates, and congratulations to our new directors. Members, we look forward to counting your vote again next year!



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